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The Innovation and Complexity Working Groups are calling for abstracts

The vision of the workshop is to create a space that would allow us to comprehend the contributions of partial and mutually exclusive paradigms that could shed light on bubbles.

In the economic literature, one principle of division being the idea of an objective assessment of financial assets. In the political economy literature, there is a specific understanding of the contradictions of finance which emphasizes the imbalances in its relation to production. Yet, the perception that speculation is essentially based on irrational optimism may fail to capture what is important about recent developments in finance. We welcome socio-historical contributions that examine the type of practices that sustains bubbles, how it evolves through history and whether or not it is transforming the nature of capital accumulation. In recent tech and business debates, the issue of whether or not we’re in the midst of a bubble in Silicon Valley has been put forward. While one could argue that that the current environment is a reminder of the primacy of business economics and market structure, we encourage empirical contributions that strive to demonstrate the positive links between bubbles and the current digital transition. From the perspective of the history of postwar economics, we welcome papers focusing on the different models of financial bubbles (e.g rational bubbles, behavioural finance, and Keynesian). The mentor of the workshop will be professor William H Janeway.

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