Call #2 - Gender and Economics, History of Economic Thought, and Philosophy of Economics

Feminist epistemology: bridging history of economic thought, philosophy of economics and feminist economics to tackle the new and emerging challenges in the economic research

Ranging from the economic and bank crisis, migration flows and BREXIT to the rise of populist and anti-equality movements, a feminist perspective is important to grasp specific aspects of these issues: an economic crisis does not have the same impact in every human being. In this context, economic research needs plural perspectives in order to investigate those phenomena properly. This approach requires to test conventional disciplinary boundaries and to develop alternative methodologies involving interactions among different disciplines and economic-subfields. Moreover, it means to include a gender perspective to all the analyses in a feminist view since, as reported by Nelson (1995), “feminist theory raises question about the adequacy of economic practice not because economics is in general too objective, but because it is not objective enough.” (p. 132).

We welcome for the section about Feminist Epistemology papers that propose a reflection about the relevance of creatively re-think the intersection of gender and economic analyses. Areas of particular interest include, but are not limited to:

  • the methodological proposals and critics towards improving economic analysis for gender related issues
  • historical roots of sexual division of labour and gender pay differentials;
  • the relevance of care work and migration in the economic analysis;
  • the role of women economists in the evolution of the economic thought;
  • main obstacles to greater diversity and inclusion in the economics profession in a historical perspective.

This call is a combined effort of three different working groups: Gender and Economics, History of Economic Thought and Philosophy of Economics.

About the Working Groups

  • Gender and Economics: Studying the role gender within economic theory is a part of a general project to rethink economics in a different way, either as a revised version of conventional economics, or as a deep critique to the way economics is and has been framed.
  • History of Economic Thought: The History of Economic Thought Working Group is devoted to disinterring the roots of contemporary economic orthodoxy, exhuming time-honoured rival approaches, and imagining possible futures.
  • Philosophy of Economics: In the Philosophy of Economics Working Group we dare to ask the most fundamental questions in order to understand our roles as economists in a bigger picture. What is the ‘economy’? What is ‘economics’? What is the relationship between our models and reality? What should it be?

How to Apply

Young scholars can apply to one or two of the above calls for abstracts. If selected, you will be invited to present their work. Selections will be made based on merit.

Selected applicants will be offered

  • A travel stipend of up to $150
  • Accommodation in Siena, to be shared with one other young scholar of the same sex.
  • Attendance to full pre-conference program, including INET’s Mini Courses, and two sessions organized by Rethinking Economics.

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Deadline: 2 May 2019

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